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Text chat can be enabled from the Social settings menu, by pressing "Enter" on an attached keyboard, or by pressing the Menu and Map buttons simultaneously.All of the Audience Scope channels present in the PC/Mac text chat are available on console, with the exception of the language-specific zone channels /enz, /dez, /frz, and /jpz.It is useful for getting out of places that a character cannot emerge from; for example, phasing into the ground by accident.

There are toggle options for displaying bubbles for each of the available audience scopes except for /zone and /guild, as well as the option to only see the chat bubbles of those players who are known to you, either through your Contacts list or Guild rosters.

This could allow users to speak face-to-face with multiple friends at a time while using the app.

Open a chat with either the group or person you want to share your location with.

Others are expected to have access in the coming weeks.

In a written statement, a spokesman for Whats App said: 'Today, we’re rolling out a new feature that allows you to share your location in real-time with family or friends.

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