Dating diaries sex and the single guy

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It’s taught me that if someone else is afraid of where it’s going I should be as well. It’s also taught me that I shouldn’t let my friends set me up with people because parties from now on might be a little awkward.

Now, I’m going to take myself, pour all of the love I have into hobbies and side hustles.

You're ruining all mystery and intrigue so that if an opportunity for sexy fun time should arise, they already know what's coming.

It's like someone showing you your birthday present before you've got to unwrap it, which let's face it, is the best part!

Was it fair for me to talk to boys that were nice to me when I was so unemotionally available? I said goodbye to two: two that I was supposed to go on dates with this weekend. Two dates in one weekend, there was no way I would get through one let alone two, so I said goodbye, wished them well. Well, it’s not really, it’s just how I’m not dating anymore.

Was it fair for me to make fun of them to their faces unbeknownst to them? When I’m ready I’ll come back; when I’m ready I’ll spill all the juicy gossip of how gross guys are on dating apps.

I started a series in the mindset that I would be trying online dating, hopeful, but not expectant of anything. It ended for exactly the reason I wrote about in my second dating diaries post, plus he didn’t know what he wanted.

Well shortly after, I fell for someone and I wanted to keep it to myself, it was new, I don’t fall often but when I do I fall hard. I did what I normally do when a guy ends things (or pretty much makes me do it) I hop on an online dating site.

Without actually asking, it's very hard to tell if a cuppa tea is more than just tea.

I can't honestly work it out; perhaps men are more fragile than I give them credit for and simply don't know how to talk to women, or maybe they think we really want nothing more than to see a strategically angled photo of their genitals? If I'm asked for nude photos, I have a selection of favourites I choose from including my cat, my cat's butt, myself dressed as a cat (not the sexy kind), photos of me IN clothes (quelle horreur), or hideously vulgar photos of train-wreck porn-stars which I find from Google - My train of thought is this...

why send a nude photo of yourself to a person you've not met or dated?

I think I was on there for all of ten days before deleting it. Swiping through a series of faces felt like walking the halls of an endless library.

Overwhelmed by potential options with shitty blurbs that didn't reel me in, Tinder did teach me one thing, what I didn't want.

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