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His unique eye vision helps him to breach his opponents' defenses.

Often acclaimed by his pairs, Dan was elected three times as best player in the world by the World Rugby in 2005, 20. In 2015, he joined the Parisian team Racing Metro 92 and helped them win the Top 14 championship as early as his first year.

Both teams lack the depth necessary to make that run.

So do they pick up depth to make the run, or do they sell off major pieces (like Cliff Pu, Mike Dipietro, Logan Brown, etc)?

The price is large, but his acquisition would make the Greyhounds the top team in the OHL, if they aren't already. Marie in exchange for Hayden Fowler, Flint 2nd 2019, SSM 2nd 2021, SSM 2nd 2022, SSM 3rd 2019, SSM 4th 2020 Jordan Sambrook - Erie Otters Sambrook is a very solid two-way defender who has a ton of playoff experience and would fit right into the top 4 of any OHL contender.

The price is also likely to be high, but he could make a huge difference. Marie, Kitchener, and Sarnia as the most likely destinations.

Both teams are currently in position to push for home ice in the first round in the West.

But is either team really positioned to challenge for a Western Conference title?

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Depth wise, this team just isn't constructed well IMO.So let's make some predictions: Taylor Raddysh - Erie Otters One of the biggest trade pieces available this year and definitely the most likely of the big fish to be moved.Erie needs to recoup assets after a sustained Championship run and Raddysh is just one of the several trade chips they hold. Barrie could really use him but I think it's a given that Erie asks for a quality young player back (like a first round 2001) and the Colts won't be moving Ryan Suzuki for him (the only 2001 they can move).As is the annual tradition, I will look at previewing the action we may see at the deadline and what some team may, or may not do. I think we'll see a lot of trade action, but I'm just not sure from what teams.I feel confident that Erie, Flint, Sudbury, and North Bay will move some veteran players. Tons of talent, but the results have been poor thus far.

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