Cams no mail

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If you have a dash cam fitted you will have solid evidence of what actually happened in an accident, it won’t simply be your word against theirs.

This evidence can be used by the insurance companies or the courts to ascertain the truth and apportion blame, something which could be very beneficial to you.

It can record up to 1296p resolution so the 8GB card it comes with is useful but will need to be supplemented – it can take up to 128GB.

It fixes on via an adhesive patch so it needs to really stay in place, but it’s so discreet that’s less of an issue.

We reckon a figure of £150 makes a sensible maximum as you get all you need within that range. This super small Joo Vuu device is one of the most discreet dash cams on the market - and one of the most affordable.Expensive, while lacking other safety features, this is a quality bit of kit.Rating: This 312GW is the first Next Base to feature in our list, but despite its low price it has quite a few safety features and is well made and easy to operate.While that’s all entertaining in a slightly uncomfortable voyeuristic kind of way, dash cam footage can also save you money, points and even a spell in prison.Rating: The Garmin Dash Cam 30 unit records crisp footage in 1080p resolution and you can use up to a 64GB card for storage.

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