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'I wanted to do something more socially redeeming...

If the person does not respond to the facade and departs from your life...

Norman Mickey submits an original, innovative concept and proposal to President Clinton's task force on welfare reform, to help single welfare recipients get off public assistance through dating and marital assistance services.

American Association for Single People is founded in 1999 by attorney Tom Coleman to give single people the same rights as married persons."King of Hearts" "Social Worker Norman Mickey has seen the ugly effects poor marriages can have on parents and children, so he's trying to stop the marriages before they happen.

Norman Mickey is invited to make a presentation at the convention - "Compatibility and Finding that Perfect Mate"The first consumer guide to dating services is published by Video Introductions in 1982, alerting singles to deceptive, unfair and high pressure sales tactics and lures of some well known dating services in the industry."It's important to take some risks - to disclose something about ourselves when we want to meet somebody...

In everyday situations I think some people are going to look a little bit funny at you if you start telling them all your personal information.

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    It's that layered compatibility that is essential for lasting happiness.