Validating domain

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Pressing the OK button indicates that a user has entered data and wants the function to continue processing with that data.Pressing the Cancel button indicates that a user wants to stop the function from executing altogether.The following figure shows a message box that displays textual information, asks a question, and provides the user with three buttons to answer the question. While common dialog boxes are useful, and should be used when possible, they do not support the requirements of domain-specific dialog boxes.To create a message box, you use the Message Box class. User Page Range Enabled = True ' Show save file dialog box Dim result? Show Dialog() ' Process save file dialog box results If result = True Then ' Print document End If For more information on the print dialog box, see System. In these cases, you need to create your own dialog boxes.The most common examples of modal dialog boxes are shown to open, save, and print data.A dialog box, on the other hand, does not prevent a user from activating other windows while it is open.For this reason, your code also needs to validate all controls in a dialog box when the OK button is pressed by handling the Click event.

A is a dialog box that can be used to display textual information and to allow users to make decisions with buttons. For detailed discussion of printing in WPF, see Printing Overview.Get Children(node) If (Type Of subnode Is Dependency Object And Also Not Me.Is Valid(Direct Cast(subnode, Dependency Object))) Then ' If a child dependency object is invalid, return false immediately, ' otherwise keep checking Return False End If Next ' All dependency objects are valid Return True End Function End Class End Namespace , and the window is considered invalid.Get Has Error(node)) Then ' If the dependency object is invalid, and it can receive the focus, ' set the focus If Type Of node Is IInput Element Then Keyboard.Focus(Direct Cast(node, IInput Element)) End If Return False End If ' If this dependency object is valid, check all child dependency objects Dim subnode As Object For Each subnode In Logical Tree Helper.

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