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Your Irish ancestry search may well benefit from study of a collection held by PRONI in Belfast.

It contains a large number of Methodist baptism records dating from 1815 to 1840 from chapels throughout Ireland and may have been an early attempt to compile a central register of records from all Irish parishes.

He founded Irish Methodism after sailing up the River Liffey in Dublin on 9 August 1747 and just five years later established its first chapel at Whitefriar Street in Dublin.

He went on to make more than 20 additional visits to Ireland over the next 45 years until he died.

There is an index to these obituaries, which can be viewed by personal visitors, at the WHS archives (see contact details, right).

A large collection of Methodist records is held on microfilm at PRONI in Belfast.

About the term ‘Journal’ The word journal originates from ‘diurnalis’ in Latin and has various related meanings.

As explained above, if you are looking for records of Methodists, your Irish ancestry search should also include Church of Ireland registers. ← Methodism was founded by the Reverend John Wesley (1703-1791) in the late 1730s as an evangelical preaching arm of the Church of England (ie the Anglican church).Many of these records pre-date the registers held by individual Methodist churches.PRONI also holds a county-by-county listing of surviving registers for Ulster province.You can find the addresses and phone numbers (and some emails) at the Methodist Church of Ireland website: Between 1823-1878 the Primitive Methodists published a magazine which recorded obituaries for their leading members.

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