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There are two types of taggant which have been considered for use with explosives.One is to help detect the presence of a bomb in, for example, airport screening of luggage; and the other to assist the police in identifying the explosive after the detonation of such a bomb.A software taggant is a cryptographic signature added to software that enables positive origin identification and integrity of programs.Software taggants are using standard PKI techniques (see public key infrastructure) and were introduced by the Industry Connections Security Group of IEEE in an attempt to control proliferation of malware obfuscated via executable compression.lot number, company name), determine mixing homogeneity and to detect dilution of proprietary products.Taggants are known to be widely used in the animal feed industry, plastics, inks, sheet and flexible explosives, and pharmaceuticals.In 1985, Microtrace, LLC acquired the technology and began to utilize Microtaggants for anti-counterfeiting and brand protection.Since 1985, the word 'taggant' has become widely utilized and refers to multiple variations.

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