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According to LADDH, police brought Nadri to the province's security headquarters instead of transporting him to the hospital as stipulated by article 51 of the code of criminal procedures, which requires a medical examination before placing a suspect in custody.

Nadri's family reported to LADDH that their son died following abuse by police.

AQIM claimed responsibility for all of these attacks.

Former minister of interior Noureddine Zerhouni stated in 2008 that an estimated 400 terrorists operated in the country; the figure remained the most recent one available. Disappearance Enforced disappearances, reportedly numbering in the thousands, were a significant problem during the 1990s and continued to be a topic covered in the media and raised by local and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

Many of the disappearances in the 1990s were in later years attributed to the security forces; however, the government did not prosecute security force personnel, and there was no evidence that the government investigated cases it acknowledged security forces caused.

In 2005 voters approved by referendum President Bouteflika's proposed Charter for Peace and National Reconciliation, which ended the Ad Hoc Mechanism established in 2003 to account for the disappeared.

The charter went into effect in 2006, granting amnesty to and preventing investigation into the conduct of the National Popular Army, the security forces, state-sponsored armed groups, and persons who fought on behalf of the government during episodes of civil strife in the 1990s.

An AQIM terrorist killed 11 gendarmes on June 29 during an ambush in Tinzaouatin in the province of Tamanrasset in the Algerian-Malian border area.

Additionally, widespread corruption accompanied reports of limited government transparency.

Authorities used security grounds to constrain freedom of expression and movement.

Information on terrorism-related violence in the country was difficult to verify independently.

The Ministry of Interior sporadically released information concerning the total number of terrorist, civilian, and security force deaths.

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