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-------------- Now that we're back online, we'll continue what we were doing before at the top of the site, highlighting the movies, comics and TV shows that made some of you realize you had the fetish.If any of you want to add to the poll, you still have time, so post away and I'll try to reproduce your memories as the daily picture. Ralphus I didn't know Arcas posted his stuff anywhere for pay.Joanne, try going to the; they have Arcas in their poser section. GIMPers with access to the various nude celeb groups on usenet should be aware: vidcaps from Slave of the Cannibal God with Ursula Andress are up in several of the groups. Then again, I didn't expect to have everything suddenly up and die on us all at once last Thursday.If you don't have her in your collection, now's the time.... 5 days off doesn't quite rival the 17 straight days of inactivity we endured during The Great Dreambook Blackout of 2008, but this was plenty, thank you. Now we need to get back to the high numbers we were hitting before this whole thing started.

He might just be a talented artist who gives his work away for free, it's possible.Our numbers went gradually down each day we were silent.It's actually a good thing I was able to post on the first day alerting everyone that Dreambook was broken, because after that, I couldn't even get into the Dreambook control panel at all, not even to change the pics.Seems this tribe of natives was ruled by a queen - an ebony goddess, in fact, whose spectacularly-constructed figure was crammed into a very skimpy one-piece outfit.Somehow she pissed off her subjects, who rebelled against her and started chasing her through the jungle.

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