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Net are (the figures are rounded to nearest thousand): Fan is also home to one of the longest works of fiction ever written. Fan fiction based on professional wrestling, however, is still allowed, being the number one fandom in the "Miscellaneous" category. Net banned and removed material that was rated NC-17.

The Subspace Emissary's Worlds Conquest, a Super Smash Bros. Prior to the new policy, the site would use a pop-up to prompt readers to say whether they were over 17 or not, but since then, the site has relied on its users to report stories that are inappropriately rated.

In late 2006, announcements were made of special web links designed for Europe and Asia.

These were supposed to give other areas of the world a significant boost in server speed on the website.

The site is split into nine main categories: Anime/Manga, Books, Cartoons, Miscellaneous, Games, Comics, Movies, Plays/Musicals and TV Shows.

The site also includes the Crossover category, added on March 27, 2009.

Registration was open to all people who claimed to be over 18, and by 2002 over 118,000 people were registered.

You will find a finely curated collection of antique furniture, clocks, Coalport, porcelain, and primitives. *Note: The address is Holland Avenue, NOT Holland Road.Users who complete the free registration process can submit their fan fiction, maintain a user profile, review other stories, apply for a beta reader position, contact each other via private messages and maintain a list of favorite stories and authors. In lieu of signing up with a new account, the website allows users to use their Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts.The site was created as a repository for fan-created stories that revolved around characters from popular literature, television, comics, or real-world celebrities. Net allowed stories about any characters rather than revolving around a specific set of characters, such as those from Naruto, Harry Potter, or Kingdom Hearts.Steven Savage, a programmer who operated a column on Fan, described it as "the adult version of when kids play at being TV characters" and that the content posted on the website serves as examples for "when people really care about something." A. Berman of USA Today said in 2001 that Fan "reads like the 21st century successor to the poetry slams of the Beat Generation." In October 2008, the site underwent a major redesign of its admin/user area. Robb, Raymond Feist, Robin Hobb, Robin Mc Kinley, and Terry Goodkind.Changes to how users check hits and reviews, post chapters, etc. As of November 9, 2017, the top 20 fandoms (i.e., the fandoms with the most stories submitted) on Fan Fiction. In addition, stories based on real-life celebrities were disallowed around 2003.

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