Dating tatting shuttles

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To do the first half of the ds, pinch the end of the tread coming off the shuttle, between the index finger and thumb of the left hand.Now straighten the left middle finger and use your right index finger and thumb to slide the first half of the ds down the thread under the pinched fingers.Tatting has been around for a little over 200 years.A lot of the best vintage patterns are found in women’s magazines dating from 1930’s and 40’s.

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If it doesn’t slide and close, then one or more of your ds were not correctly created, and what you have instead of a sliding knot is slip knot that won’t slide.You will notice that the ring thread gets tighter as you create stitches.To loosen the circle, pull on the thread below the pinch on the left hand. Second half of ds: Take the shuttle go over the top of the thread between the middle and index finger, place it bottom first-from right to left-through the hole (under the same thread) created by the thread, the left index finger and the middle finger and your palm.RW=reverse work: While working a round, you will be creating ring(s) and then RW, or in other words flip the project from the bottom to the top and create a chain, then RW again and repeat the rings, the RW, etc. RW is why when you look a doily and you think you see 14 rows, when in reality it is 7 or less rounds. There are 3 or 4 different sizes out there and you wouldn't know with out a side by side comparison. She gave me instructions on a simple potholder (I really didn't want to make a potholder) and when I mastered that, I was able to keep up with her motions.I bought one once and I didn't like using it, because it's metal and it slid right out of my hands too easily. I have decided I need to try my hand at tatting, owing to a pair of laced baby booties I saw on Pinterest. If you can crochet with a size 12 thread then you should have no trouble tatting with the size 12 thread. Thread is like wire, in that the larger the number the smaller the tread.

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